"I just want to say Thank you very much for inspiring us and teaching us the pure Word of God and not based on human preference. It is really a life-changing conference."

Pastor Marlou Javier

Santiago City, Isabella, Phillipines´╗┐

Living NEW Ministries
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Wayne A. Young
President / Founder

Living NEW Ministries International


        Living NEW is an organization that trains, encourages, provides accountability for pastors and assists local churches and pastors with modeling the function of Christ’s Body in their communities. We also are a mission organization that provides spiritual and fiscal oversight of missionaries and their ministries, both at home and abroad, which partner with local churches to advance God's Kingdom by speading the Gospel through a variety of expressions. For more information on these ministries, please check-out our Center for Fellowship and Accountability.  

We believe that it’s time for the Church to step up and demonstrate Christ’s great love and plan for all to see. For the most part, local churches and pastors have lost their influence in their communities, which has resulted in primarily transfer-type growth, when and if a church experiences any growth at all.

        We are convinced it’s time for revival. Revival is not an event, but rather a personal, renewed awareness of the presence of God at work in our day to day lives. Because of this conviction we offer teaching to churches and leaders to prepare for and return to this genuine awareness of God’s presence day to day. This renewed awareness will cause us to adjust the way we think, what we say and how we function day to day as individuals, which in turn will affect our churches. Our churches will begin to see individuals seek restoration with one another; they will die to their own agendas and embrace that which the Bible calls the “lesson of the loaves” found in Mark 6:30-52.  That lesson is a heart that says, “Here I am; here’s what I have; so what would you like to do, Lord.”  With that heart, our churches will begin to function with purpose and vision, enabling them to impact their communities. Churches and individuals will begin to see outward at what Christ sees, rather than focusing inward with a “we must survive” mentality. In this way, we will truly be “living NEW”; a life of Never Ending Worship.